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Andrew Diaz-Matos and Josye Utick

Cate Grady-Benson

Margaret and Robert Patricelli

Phyllis Shikora and Douglas A. Cohen



Sara and Edward Lashetski

Bridget E. Quinn

Gilda and David Roncari

Gerri and Tim Sullivan



David S. Barrett

Ethel F. Davis

Catherine and Terry D’Italia (2)

Mary and Robert LaPorte (2)

Jenny Minton Quigley and Dan Quigley (2)

Pamela and Peter Sobering (2)

Mark Socha and Maura McNulty (2)

Rachel Taylor



Alexander Adami

Ana Alfaro

Kathleen and Sherwood Anderson

Alexandra Andrea

Elizabeth and Harris Appelman (2)

Laura and Robert Arena

Caitlin Arnold

Wendy Avery

Kristina Baldwin

Laura Barry

Joseph & Michelle Bezzina

Antay Bilgutay and Paul Ditolla

Jonathan Blejewski

John Bourdeaux (2)

Martha Brackeen-Harris and Donald Harris

Rebecca Brandt

Capri and John Brighenti

Alison and Stephen Brinkmann

Patti Broad

Luke and Sara Bronin

Valerie Bryan

Nancy Caddington

Gwen Cannon

Ted and Jane Carroll

Amy Casparino

Barbara Chatfield

Donna Collins

Melvyn Colón

Andréa Comer

Brie Quinby and Evan Cowles

Nicole and Andrew Daly

Kara and Michael D'Angelos

Lois DeBoer

Cedric DeLaCruz

Franca DeRosa

Andrew Diaz-Matos and Josye Utick

Mary-Louise Diaz-Matos

Catherine and Terry D’Italia

Downes Construction Company

Benjamin Dubow

Judy Dworin and Blu Lambert

Donald Eddy

Jack and Alice Ellovich

Sherri Enxuto

Carlos Espinosa

Stuart and Melissa Ewing

Gina Federico

Nilda Fernandez

Susan Fiengo

Karl and Alison Fisher

Karen Fitzgerald

Ruth Fitzgerald and David Sageman

Robert and Linda Forrester

Sharron Freeman

Sandra Bender Fromson

Lucretia Fuentes

Austra Gaige

John and Tracy Gale

Walter and May-Wo Giger

Cathy Gobes

Carrie and Jonathan Hammond

Bradley Harper and Scott Walter

Andrea Hawkins and Doug Barber 

Ruth Hofstatter

Frances Brown Holmes

Barnaby Horton and Hannah Granfield-Horton (2)

Don and Nancy Hunt

Jonathan and Kellyanne Ingalls (2)

Scott Jacius

Kathleen Kane-Francalangia

Ann and Patrick Kenny

Janice and David Klein

Patricia Knapp

Debbi and AJ Kritzman

Mary and Robert LaPorte

Donna Larcen and Ronna Keil

Sara and Edward Lashetski

Susan Lennon and Robert Merritt

Edna Levy

Jenn Lovell

Nancy Macy and Robert Painter

Jane Macy-Painter and Earl Heinrischon

Bonnie Malley

Mandell-Braunstein Family Foundation

Elizabeth Marquis

Linda Martin

Marian Kellner and Tim McLaughlin

Homa Naficy

Antonio and Aileen Matta

Marie McNamara

Michelle and Rick Milczanowski

Brenda Miller and Pradeep Bajaj

Marshall Minoux

Maria Miranda

Thea Montañez

Hon. Daniel A. and Dr. Rebecca A. Morris (2)

Nina Musumeci

Sarah and Jim Needham

Emily Noel and Timothy Sullivan

Jeanna Grimes Ogbar

Shannon O'Shaughnessy

Dan, Peggy, Dan and Kathleen O'Shea

Kimberley Parks

April Paterno

Margaret and Robert Patricelli

Brewster and Judith Perkins

Linda and Pat Proctor

Beth Putnam

Jenny Minton Quigley and Dan Quigley (2)

Tom and Tracey Quigley

Megan Ramer

Linda and Dave Redekas

Belle Ribicoff

Chrissie and Ezra Ripple

Thomas Ritter and Christine Keller

Ellen Robinson and Jim Condren

David and Jane Robinson

Gilda and David Roncari

Pieter and Barbara Roos

David and Judy Rosenthal

Rosalie Roth

Katie Russo

John and Theresa Ryan

Laura Santirocco

Ted and Ellen See

Wanda Seldon

Bob and Marianne Sawicki

Marc and Laura Shafer

Phyllis Shikora and Douglas A. Cohen

Allison Simoes and Evan Cohen-Shikora

John Simoneau

Lesley Skenderian

Robert and Sharon Smith

Tara Spain

Jenny Steadman

Sandra and Andrew Stern

Charles and Elizabeth Stewart

Gerri and Tim Sullivan

Allan and Sally Taylor

Karen Taylor

Rachel Taylor

Carla Ten Eyck

Shayna Thomas

Ann Thompson and Jim Childress

Beth and Jeffrey Ulrich

Marie Voltaire

Dayl Walker

Robyne Watkin-Anson and Mark Anson

Sally Weisman

Carolyn West and David Getomer

Carol and Lee West

Katrina Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler and Tom Willits (3)

Diane and Gary Whitney

Edward Brewster Whittemore Esq.

Will K. Wilkins

Amy Zarcone




As of December 22, 2023

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